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Glish going on a tour real quick. If you in any of these cities give your $$$

August 5th - Mobile, AL @ Alchemy Tavern
August 6th - Birmingham, AL @ The Forge
August 7th - Nashville, TN @ Neu Haus
August 8th - Lexington, KY @ Al’s Bar of Lexington
August 9th - Columbus OH @ The Tree Bar
August 10th - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Room (matinee show)
August 11th - Buffalo NY @ TBA (help!)
August 12th - Cleveland, OH @ Candlekeep
August 13th - Chicago, IL @ Matt’s House
August 14th - Springfield, IL @ Blacksheep Cafe
August 15th - Carbondale, IL @ Skihaus
August 16th - Lawrence, KS @ TBA
August 17th - Tulsa, OK @ Sound Pony
August 18th - Little Rock, AK/Memphis, TN @ TBA

I am well aware of how punk performances are much more effective than liberal humanitarian protests.

Slavoj Zizek 

in a letter to Nadya Tolokonnikova praising the merits of punk rock

although honestly, punk rock hasn’t accomplished shit